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Message SpA is a company that specializes in corporate online communication for listed companies, helping them to develop digital strategies through advanced solutions involving web, mobile and social-networking channels, with the aim to improve their online communication potential with investors, clients, partners, human resources, institutions, and all the other stakeholders.

The company employs professionals specialized in consulting, project management, web developing, web design, mobile channels, social media communications, editorial strategy.

Headquartered in Milan, Message works with Italian and international listed and unlisted companies in improving their transparency, informative potential, and relations with the stakeholders in matters of digital communication. Founded in 2004, Message has since risen to prominence and has become an acknowledged institution among FTSE MIB companies thanks to a partnership with Borsa Italiana (London Stock Exchange Group). In 2011 new offices were opened in Warsaw to enter the Polish and European markets. Several prominent unlisted companies and 23 companies out of the 40 being part of the FTSE MIB index, among which Luxottica, Piaggio, Pirelli, and Fiat, have chosen Message to improve the quality and transparency of their digital communication.

Message’s services include the design and realization of:

  • Editorial content
  • Editorial projects
  • Corporate websites
  • Investor relation and CSR websites
  • Annual report websites
  • Interactive tools
  • Mobile applications
  • Social media strategies

Message SpA
Digital Corporate Communication
Via Messina 38, Torre B
20154 Milano
tel. 02-45498821

ICE Data Services Kler’s

ICE Data Services value-added services are available as a downloadable datafeed for back-middle office applications or via an online browser that enables clients to search, design report sand perform analysis.

High-quality, value-added data to meet rapidly evolving needs.

Pricing and Analytics across Fixed Income, Equity, Credit, FX & Commodities Markets

  • Leading OTC intraday and EOD data spanning multiple asset classes
  • Continuous and EOD fixed income pricing used by global clients
  • Independent evaluations for 2.7 million instruments daily
  • Cross-asset derivative intraday pricing, risk management and lifecycle management
  • Reference data on more than 10 million financial instruments
  • Benchmark indices for U.S. Treasuries, energy markets, LIBOR, Gold Price and swaps markets

Desktops and Tools including Feeds, Instant Messaging, FutureSource Commodities Desktop, Options Analytics & Market-Q Wealth Management Platform

  • Desktops and tools designed specifically to match diverse workflow requirements
  • Platforms that provide access to commodities and financial markets
  • Feeds connecting to multiple markets

Connectivity and Colocation

  • 3 hosting centers, 3 colocation centers in Chicago, Illinois, Mahwah, New Jersey and Basildon, Essex
  • SFTI - designed for resiliency and low latency
  • Scalable colocation opportunities designed to enhance data delivery and order matching across U.S. Europe and Asia

ICE Data Services Kler's
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 149
00147 Rome